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Start with why – stay in mind

1. Aug 2016

To start with why is the secret to a great explainer video

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“All great leaders communicate in the same way. They always start with the WHY.” That’s what Simon Sinek points out in his incredibly successful book named – guess what – Start With Why. And that’s also what he talks about in his beyond popular TED Talk, which, by the way, has been viewed more 27 million times.... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Emotional Writing

24. Jun 2016

emotional writing

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Take a look at this great example of emotional writing: “As he rubbed his clammy hands together intensely, Mark slowly paced around the dim-lit studio apartment. His heart palpitated as he impatiently waited for the news. Would she make it? Was this the beginning of the end? He sat on the aged and floral couch, cued... Read More